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Founded a decade ago, StemRx has now become the leader in Regenerative Medicine & Cell based therapies in India. Dr. Pradeep Mahajan- founder and chairman of Dr. Mahajan Hospital and StemRx group companies doesn’t require any introduction in healthcare industry. He is one of the renowned leading stem cell researcher and an acclaimed stem cell transplant surgeon. StemRx has several national and international patents to its credit. With numerous national and international research publications, StemRx has collaborated with Ohio state university (United States) for 3D printing technology; Indiana University (United states) for Tissue Nano transfection technology; NMIMS University (Mumbai) for academic and research projects; MUHS- Maharashtra University of Health Sciences (Nashik) for fellowship program in Regenerative Medicine & Cell based therapies and AIIMS- (All India Institute Of Medical Science, Delhi) for exosomes technology. StemRx’s research wing has been continuously working hard in the formulation and development of nutritionally beneficial herbal extracts, therapeutic molecules, dietary supplements which have proven health benefits. With the vision of minimizing the nutrition gap, StemRx has now launched its nutraceuticals products which will surely act as a functional medicine in healthcare.

StemRx has footprints across the globe

Our Vision in Nutraceuticals

Nutraceutical is the hybrid of ‘nutrition’ and ‘pharmaceutical’. Nutraceuticals, in broad, are food or part of food playing a significant role in modifying and maintaining normal physiological function that maintains healthy human beings. We are of the opinion that science is never static, and one must continuously strive to find solutions to address existing problems. Our vision includes finding scientific breakthrough technologies with advanced anti-ageing protocols with complete health management strategies which are going to revolutionize the healthcare world completely. We believe that natural repairing kits of our body if stimulated properly can effectively reduce/minimize our body problems and to stimulate these natural repairing kits we need proper nutrition.

Repair – Regenerate – Rejuvenate

Fast-forward to the 21st century, where we are now talking about diseases in terms of their molecular aspects. Gone are the days when diseases were treated based on their symptoms. Today, we have better understanding of what goes wrong within the body and how to treat the core issues. Medical science is racing ahead with inventions, which were unimaginable before few decades.

Quality Policy at StemRx

StemRx Biosciences provides a range of advanced nutritional supplements ranging from multivitamins and minerals to omega and potent herbal extracts like Curcumin . At StemRx, we have formulated these supplements considering the functional science of the ingredients which have been tested clinically and proven for its efficiency.

Core Science – Pure Value- Premium Quality

Core Science:
At StemRx Biosciences, we have formulated the nutraceutical supplements using ingredients which have been tested clinically and worldwide research has been done proving their efficiency nutritionally.
Pure Value:
Backed by clinical research from all over the world, our selected ingredients have pure value in terms of nutrition they provide. They are safe and manufactured with right process with strict and stringent quality checks.
Premium quality:
At StemRx, quality is the degree of excellence. We make sure that the quality of the product is neither adulterated nor manipulated and thereby we gain the highest trust value from our customers.

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