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The avocado [Persea americana Mill.; syn. P. gratissima Gaertn., also referred to as Laurus persea L. (family Lauraceae)] is a New World species now widely cultivated around the world for its edible fruits, which are rich in phytochemicals, which studies have shown, play an important role in cancer prevention. Avocado extracts have also shown anti-inflammation properties and help improve cardiovascular function.

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Avocado extracts, obtained from the green and nutritious fruit, are like a natural friend to your joints. They offer gradual relief, reduce soreness, and improve joint mobility, all while protecting your joints for the long haul. Whether you’re already experiencing joint discomfort or want to keep them healthy, avocados are a gentle, nature-inspired ally.


Avocado extracts are like the body’s defense force, equipped with potent antioxidants that shield it from harmful free radicals. These antioxidants act like a protective armor, keeping your cells safe from damage. So, by including avocados in your diet, you’re giving your body a natural, delicious way to stay healthy and fend off those troublesome free radicals.


Avocado extracts are rich in essential nutrients that go beyond just managing cholesterol. These nutrients have a significant positive impact on vascular health, supporting the overall well-being of your heart and blood vessels. Incorporating avocado extracts into your diet can be a tasty and wholesome way to nurture your cardiovascular health.


Consumption of avocados can help make your heart and metabolism healthier. They don’t just fix traditional problems like high cholesterol, blood sugar, and high blood pressure; they take care of all these things together. Avocados are a tasty and smart choice for a healthy heart and body.


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Avocado Antioxidant's high antioxidant content, which includes vitamins C and E, promotes general health. By supporting cellular health and lowering the risk of chronic illnesses, these antioxidants aid in the body's fight against free radicals.

The idea of avocado cholesterol-lowering tablets is not yet included in conventional medical or nutritional procedures. In the unlikely event if these pills were created, their applicability to vegans and vegetarians would rely on the composition and substances used.

There might be a range of interactions between prescription drugs and hypothetical Avocado Cholesterol Lowering Tablets. To ascertain the safety and efficacy of using these supplements with prescription cholesterol-lowering drugs, it is imperative to speak with a healthcare provider.

In conventional medical procedures, there is currently no acknowledged category for "Avocado Cholesterol Lowering Tablets". As such, they cannot be regarded as an alternative to prescription drugs that are used to control cholesterol levels. Scientific study has confirmed the safety and efficacy of medications recommended by healthcare experts, and these medications are subjected to extensive testing.

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atish kalambe
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vishwanath kokitkar
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Great hospital
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StemRX is the best hospital when It comes hospitality very clean good staff well connected and hardworking.About the therapeutic they have the best protocols Dr Mahajan is very intelligent he knows how to put the best treatment also he takes care his patients visit them everyday and ask them their concerns always solve their problems without any extra charges. I was in July for three weeks with my autistic son and I loved . They have Good Dr’s and Nurses also the best rehabilitation program.Well done Dr Mahajan!
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StemRx or Dr. Mahajan's hospital is loaded with caring and friendly staff. That's the main engine to any service after the professional capacity. The Stemcell therapy is definitely the future of treatments I believe. Our child, Luke's condition started improving from the very first few days after the procedure. The occupational therapy, oxygen therapy and the careful everyday programs showed a difference. Thank you all for the kindness and thanks Dr. Mahajan for non stop research and help to the patients improvement.Definitely the best.
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Raju MS
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My son is 4 years old and he was diagnosed with ASD at the age of 2, we were totally devastated and we tried with ABA therapy etc., but not happy with the progress then one of friend in UK recommend Dr Mahajan sir and I had a video call with, I was so impressed with his protocol SCT treatment, we received the services for 21 days and staff was so friendly, nice. My kid got FMT and SCT along with other therapies which helped him to see quick gains, I definitely see the eye contact and socializing has drastically improved. I know it's going to take a month to see more improvements and we are very hopeful that my kid will progress further, can't wait for the next treatment soon. Thanks to Dr Mahajan and Dr Gauri and all the staff members.
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