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Thymoquinone is an active ingredient isolated from Nigella sativa and has been investigated for its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anticancer activities in both in vitro and in vivo models since its first extraction in 1960s. Its anti-oxidant/anti-inflammatory effect has been reported in various disease models, including encephalomyelitis, diabetes, asthma and carcinogenesis. Moreover, thymoquinone could act as a free radical and superoxide radical scavenger, as well as preserving the activity of various antioxidant enzymes.

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Thymoquinone shows promise as a potential therapy for lung cancer by promoting apoptosis, which is the natural death of cancer cells in the lungs. This suggests its potential role in managing this type of cancer.


Thymoquinone has been found to enhance wound healing, contributing to faster recovery from injuries. Its properties make it a valuable support in the healing process.


Thymoquinone plays a significant role as a natural neuroprotective agent, offering support for conditions like depression, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases, brain cancer, and more. Its properties make it valuable for brain health and well-being.


Extended use of Thymoquinone has been shown to enhance glucose regulation and boost the body’s antioxidant defense system in individuals with type 2 diabetes. This suggests its potential as a long-term support for better management of this condition.


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Research on the possible use of thymoquinone, a bioactive substance generated from Nigella sativa and present in black seed oil, to treat asthma symptoms is being conducted. Chronic asthma is a respiratory disease marked by bronchoconstriction, increased mucus production, and inflammation of the airways.

Black seed oil from Nigella sativa contains a bioactive substance called thymoquinone, which has been researched for possible respiratory advantages, particularly in relation to asthma. However, because there is little proof and further study is needed, it is important to approach the purported respiratory advantages cautiously. It's possible that the anti-inflammatory qualities of thymoquinone will help people with asthma by lessening airway inflammation.

The bioactive substance thymoquinone, which is present in black seed oil made from Nigella sativa, has been researched for its possible effects on the treatment of diabetes. It is important to conduct a critical analysis of the existing data and recognize its limits. Thymoquinone may be helpful for people with diabetes since it is thought to have actions that regulate blood sugar.

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