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A powerful blend of Terminalia Arjuna, Allium Sativum (garlic), Hippophae Rhamnoides (sea buckthorn), and Ubiquinone (CoQ10). This potent combination supports heart health and overall well-being. Take a proactive step towards a healthier heart with Heart Armour.

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The Heart Armour formula is designed to assist in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels. The combination of ingredients, such as Terminalia Arjuna and Garlic, works synergistically to regulate cholesterol and support overall heart health


Heart Armour provides comprehensive support for the cardiovascular system. Sea Buckthorn, Terminalia Arjuna, and Coenzyme Q10 work in tandem to protect the heart, promoting its proper function and reducing the risk of various heart-related conditions.


This formula aids in enhancing oxygen delivery and utilization in the body, fostering better circulation and oxygenation. Sea Buckthorn, in particular, is known to positively impact oxygenation, benefiting overall health.


Heart Armour’s constituents, including Garlic and Coenzyme Q10, contribute to metabolic well-being. They assist in managing metabolic diseases, supporting factors such as blood sugar levels and lipid profiles for better overall health.


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It is not recommended to utilize dietary supplements or heart health capsules in place of prescription drugs that a doctor has given to treat heart issues. Prescription drugs are created and prescribed precisely for each patient based on their unique needs, their health status, and the severity of their ailment.

It depends on the particular formulation of the capsules whether or not heart health capsules are appropriate for vegetarians or vegans. Supplements for heart health, especially those with Omega-3 fatty acids, should not be taken by vegetarians or vegans since they may include fish oil or other animal products.

Following favorable outcomes, it is important to exercise caution and seek medical advice before deciding whether to discontinue taking heart health capsules. Even while heart health supplements could help, stopping them suddenly without thinking things through could have negative effects on your cardiovascular health.

The duration required for individuals to observe benefits from consuming heart health capsules may differ significantly and is contingent upon several factors, such as the particular supplement formulation, the health state of the individual, and lifestyle choices. Controlling expectations and acknowledging that heart health gains sometimes take time are crucial.

Before taking any supplements, including heart health capsules, those who are pregnant or nursing should use caution and speak with their healthcare professional. Depending on the contents and formulations, certain supplements may not be safe to use while pregnant or nursing.

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atish kalambe
atish kalambe
14:02 30 Dec 23
I got best service in this hospital from Doctor's, staff, nurse's and room servent.
vishwanath kokitkar
vishwanath kokitkar
12:04 06 Dec 23
Great hospital
Idman Roble
Idman Roble
16:16 24 Aug 23
StemRX is the best hospital when It comes hospitality very clean good staff well connected and hardworking.About the therapeutic they have the best protocols Dr Mahajan is very intelligent he knows how to put the best treatment also he takes care his patients visit them everyday and ask them their concerns always solve their problems without any extra charges. I was in July for three weeks with my autistic son and I loved . They have Good Dr’s and Nurses also the best rehabilitation program.Well done Dr Mahajan!
H i l l H i l m y
H i l l H i l m y
17:38 29 Nov 22
StemRx or Dr. Mahajan's hospital is loaded with caring and friendly staff. That's the main engine to any service after the professional capacity. The Stemcell therapy is definitely the future of treatments I believe. Our child, Luke's condition started improving from the very first few days after the procedure. The occupational therapy, oxygen therapy and the careful everyday programs showed a difference. Thank you all for the kindness and thanks Dr. Mahajan for non stop research and help to the patients improvement.Definitely the best.
Raju MS
Raju MS
11:29 03 Nov 22
My son is 4 years old and he was diagnosed with ASD at the age of 2, we were totally devastated and we tried with ABA therapy etc., but not happy with the progress then one of friend in UK recommend Dr Mahajan sir and I had a video call with, I was so impressed with his protocol SCT treatment, we received the services for 21 days and staff was so friendly, nice. My kid got FMT and SCT along with other therapies which helped him to see quick gains, I definitely see the eye contact and socializing has drastically improved. I know it's going to take a month to see more improvements and we are very hopeful that my kid will progress further, can't wait for the next treatment soon. Thanks to Dr Mahajan and Dr Gauri and all the staff members.
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